A good day

November 4, 2008 at 7:27 pm (NaBloPoMo, things I love) (, )

Great things happened today:

I worked in the Pharmacy, which i love.

I PASSED my Driver’s license test.  I know, i have lived in MN again for quite awhile, but i failed the first time and was super nervous.  I am all officially Minnesotan again.

I got a new, to me, cell phone.  I killed my phone last summer, have been using my mom’s old phone, but that is dying real quick, and so i mentioned it to someone I worked with.  Her daughter had an extra, and sold it to me for $20. Whoo Hoo!  maybe i can now have a longer conversation than 20 min on my phone.

I voted.  and that is always exciting.

Now, i am going to eat dinner….yummy.


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Election Day

November 3, 2008 at 5:14 pm (Life, NaBloPoMo) (, )

Tomorrow is Election Day.  You are going to go vote right?  You better be.  I have made no secret about who i am voting for, and if you can’t tell, ask me, i’ll tell you who and why.

All I ask is that you do your best to be an informed voter.  Please don’t vote on just one issue.  Vote for the person that best represents what you want for yourself and your country on all the issues. 

If you are happy with how the last 8 years have gone, then you know who you are going to vote for.  If you are happy with the current state of the economy, a long war, high gas prices, and the state of education in our country, then vote for it to stay the same.

If you are like me, and fed up with all of these things, then vote for change.  Now, realistically, will all of these things change?  Probably not.  But for me, my priorities for this country are education, the economy and health care. 3 issues that the future administration will have to tackle, and that I hope by voting for change will turn around.

Thank you for getting out your vote.  It does matter.  Not registered to vote yet?  in the state of MN, you can register the day of at your polling place with an ID with your current address.

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