Is it better?

June 8, 2007 at 11:55 pm (family, Humorous, Life, reflections, relating my life to "Friends")

I need to start seeing that yes, things are getting better.  at least they have to be.  maybe they aren’t.  anyway, my last entry was really depressing, so I am trying to be more upbeat this time. So, an update.

  • Antidepressants:  I got some!  the dr. wants to see me again in 2 weeks, just to see how they are working for me.  on top of the depression, I have been having some anxiety issues (example:  Sunday night, I couldn’t fall asleep until 4 am) so he gave me something to take as needed for that.
  • Job stuff:  Ok, not gotten too far on that.  but, a new opportunity has arisen at a bank in town, where I know lots of people and so I am getting my resume in there.
  • Isolation: I am doing better!  I talked to my sister today, emailed my friend D a few days ago, and talked to E today, and I will probably see her tomorrow night since she is in town.  all good things.
  • God and Me:  hmm.  well, I did go to church.  and the NT reading was from Romans talking about how tough times build character and hope.  I felt like a 4 year old, becuase I really just wanted to stick my fingers in my ears and not listen to it.  Not quite ready for that yet. but i was there.
  • The Ross to my Rachel: You can read about that here if you don’t know what I am talking about.  Well, I still haven’t heard from him.  and I said when it all went down that I wouldn’t contact him, he had to contact me.  but guess what.  a girl needs closure.  so, i emailed him tonight, heart wrenching, i bawled my eyes out.  He of course, doesn’t need to know that.  I just put things so much better in writing than I ever could on the phone.  I am assuming that he is over it all, but i just needed to know for sure…we shall see what happens.
  • Oh, and just a funny story.  My mom and grandma were rummage saleing today.  My grandma says, “Wow, look at these really pretty plates, aren’t they nice?  Who do we know that has plates like these?” My mom looks at her, deadpan, “you do.”  I missed it, but it still makes me giggle!

So, overall, just another boring week in my life!!! oh, and a quick PT update: I am now standing on one foot, on foam, and throwing a 4 pound ball at a trampoline and catching it.  They apparently didn’t get the memo that I am ATHLETICALLY CHALLENGED. and yes, i am also spelling challenged.  and now, at nearly 1 am it is time to drag my very tired and aching body back to bed.  Good Night!


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June 2, 2007 at 10:47 pm (Life, reflections)

I am thinking tonight about all the “shoulds” in my life right now, and how many still just sit there, abandoned.  I am trying to figure out what, if anything, is holding me back from getting these things done. 

  • I should be blitz-mailing my resume out to anyone i think might hire me, but I keep dragging my feet, partly because i don’t know what I am qualified for.
  • I should be emailing, calling, talking to friends that i have avoided, or not talked to. (sorry, E, i suck!) i haven’t even talked to my own sister in 2 weeks!  I know that when I am depressed, I isolate, and i have been more depressed lately than i had been in a long time.
  • I should be talking to God more.  another person I am isolating from.  Part of it, honestly, is that I have been pissed at God for the crap storm my life has been lately.  and i feel like God has let me down.  I mean, i felt called at the age of 15 to go into ministry, and now that is gone, changed, and I don’t feel called to it at all right now.  Why couldn’t I have searched and looked through the options when i was in HS?  Why did God let me be so single minded?  why do i have to do it now when it is so much harder?  and really, it must make me mad, because i am crying right now as I am writing this.  I know I was supposed to take this path for a reason, but why is it all so damned hard?
  • I should be working on getting my life organized and finding a direction.  but that ain’t happening!

So, why am i not getting the shoulds on my list done?  I know part of it is depression.  I have no motivation, and most times I am too tired to move, but i sleep like crap at night.  I also know my self-esteem is really low right now.  I don’t feel like I am good at anything, even though people tell me what I am good at.  so it is hard for me to apply for jobs, think about my future, when I am just sure I will screw it all up again.  I am isolating also because i feel like a failure.  and it is really hard to talk to friends who are doing well, and even those who aren’t doing so well.  I have nothing to say to anyone anymore.  Seriously, i have no life, and I haven’t had motivation to do anything.  I am still really hurting from life right now.  And it has been great to be home, and be loved uncontionally, and surrounded by that every day.  that has helped so much.  but i know it is going to take me time to heal, and it probably, unfortunately, won’t be easy.

And wow, now i feel better since i wrote that down.  still sad, but it is good to have it out.

I am taking a step tomorrow, i am going back to church again.  i haven’t been in over a month.  I am still pissed at God, and I haven’t taken the time to hash it all out, and i don’t think i will do that tomorrow either.  but i know it will make my mom happy, and maybe somewhere there will be an answer for me.

I have the next 3 days off work.  Tomorrow I am going to graduations for kids in my old youth group.  Monday I am going to hopefully get some anti-depressants again.  I don’t have health insurance right now, so I am going up to the Health Center at the Reservation.  I haven’t used it before, well i mean, other than dental, so we shall see how that goes.  Tuesday I go see my orthopedic doc.  this will probably be my last appointment with him for 6 months.  I am also hoping to organize my craft stuff so I can make a ton more cards.  I am thinking that maybe later in the summer I will try to sell some.  If you know anything about starting your very own, very small business, like if there is anything legal or tax wise i should know, i would love the input.

Physical therapy is going well.  We did my progress report on Friday.  Lets see what I remember.  There are all kinds of official names, but i don’t remember many of them, and then measurements, though i don’t know what the kind of measurement they use is.  stretching my ankle back, I am at a 4…I started out at a 0, normal is 10-15.  my left ankle is at a 6 doing that, so both of my calves are tight.  Turning my ankle in, i am at a 25, i think i started at a 15.  turning out is a 7, that is the one we really need to work on. Pointing my toe, I am at a 51.  I started there at a 35, normal is between 55-60, my left is at a 65.  I am also able to stand on one leg for over 30 seconds, and I am working on standing on foam on my one leg.  So, my range of motion has greatly improved, and my swelling has really gone down.  i was pretty excited to see improvement.  it was nice!

Wow, ok, this has gotten really long, and it is almost midnight.  off to bed for me!

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Dear Fellow Quarter Life Crisisers…

May 17, 2007 at 6:06 pm (advice, reflections)

Yeah, so I don’t think “Crisisers” is a word, but get over it.

I have had so many hits on my site for people looking for quarter life crisis, or depressed, or quarter life crisis advice.  I hope you come back.  I hope you email me your stories.  maybe we can find some comfort and direction in hearing the stories of others, and sharing our expectations of where we had hoped to be at 25, and how that differs where we really are.

Some day, I want to write a book geared at young to mid-twentysomethings.  I have talked to so many people about how hard this time of their life is for them.  How is it that we didn’t expect this at all?  There there is serious unhappiness in one or all areas of their lives.  Were there things our parents, teachers, and mentors should have told us or taught us?  Or is it because those people had a different expirence in their twenties? (my parents were married and having kids.) Or is it becuase hard times can be easily forgotten?

so, share your stories please, it is not hard to leave me a comment or drop me an email.  Peace!

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A new title, a new chapter

April 3, 2007 at 3:31 pm (Life, reflections)

well, it is time for a new chapter to begin in my life, but first, an update:

My leg and ankle are healing.  I am tooling around the house now just on one crutch, though i am using 2 when i leave the house.  hopefully by next Wednesday i will be out of the walking boot and in an ankle brace that will fit into a shoe.

 So, my new chapter.  Well, i quit my job.  my last day is April 15.  I don’t exactly have another job lined up yet, but I have faith that will come through soon.  I am moving back to my hometown and renting from my mom, the upstairs of her house that she rented to college students before.  I am looking for jobs like crazy this weekend.  A lot of things brought this decision about.  One, is i just started to doubt my ablities as a youth director, and as a person.  Two, I felt like I was being verbally abused by my supervisor, and I didn’t want to take it anymore.  Three, I heard a little voice in my head saying one night, Maybe you need to take care of you for awhile.  So, I am excited, scared, nervous, anxious, happy, and at peace with the decision.

Part of this will be looking at going back to school.  Not sure what for yet..Masters in Social Work, Masters in Education, Masters in Counseling, a 2-year RN degree, Chaplancy, who knows!

I am also looking forward to having time to pursue my interests.  I will also be blogging more!

Today it is snowing, and that is no fun at all.  Especially on crutches.  I am ready for spring to arrive.

So, what is with the new title?  Well, at 25, almost 26, I feel like I am changing courses midstream, and that life is at a crossroads like never before.  This is definately not what I pictured for myself at 25.  It should be interesting what comes my way.


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