Mission Trips vs. Adventure Trips

January 19, 2007 at 11:57 am (ministry)

I had an interesting discussion this week with a collegue.  It is her view that churches should only do mission trips, or trips with strong service components, instead of Adventure trips.  Her thought is why do we have to make service exciting for kids?

So, here are my thoughts.  First, why do we have to make service exciting for kids.  I think part of it is culture. These kids are constantly entertained, normally by one or two mediums at the same time.  Also, i think part of it is devleopmental, espcially for younger teens.  If you haven’t noticed, teenagers can be self-absorbed.  Though we want to teach them to look outward, developmentally, they also want to know what is in it for them.   Even if it is the act of making the service fun.  Maybe you come up with a silly song, action, etc.

Now, mission trips are great.  In fact, i am taking my kids on them this summer.  And they are excited, and are looking forward to serving others, learning more, etc.

I want to defend Adventure trips though too.  I think there are kids in my youth group who aren’t ready to give a week of thier summer to serve others.  I think an adventure trip can provide opportunites for teamwork, encountering God in new and different ways, and also has some downtime for some real connection with God, and great discussions.

 So, there is my defense of Adventure trips.  I think both can be valuable learning tools for youth.

 Agree or disagree?


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On a scale of 1-10, how crazy am I?

January 16, 2007 at 1:01 pm (Humorous, Life, ministry)

So, this weekend.  Whew!!!  First, I feel like a bad Youth Director because I cancelled or postponed both of the events i had scheduled this weekend.  one, due to lack of students, the other due to the fact that it is freaking cold and we were going skiing!  yeah, not gonna happen.

 So, friday night I went out to dinner with GI Jane and some of her pals from the guard.  Then we went to the VFW…the band was awesome.  Then we went to someone’s house.  I got home at 4 am.  Yeah, insane.  Even more insane was that the boyfriend got up at his house 6 hours away one hour later for work.

 Saturday, I went home to hang with some friends from HS.  I was going to drive back that day,b ut i was too tired and slept at my moms.  So, here is where i need you to give me a how crazy I am number:


My HS friends and I were at the local jewler.  (do you see where this is going yet?)  My friend was showing me what she refers to as “the ferrari of enagement rings.”  It is the one she has on her wish list at the store if her bf of 8 years ever decides to propose.  He has told her to look at rings and pick some out, yet hasn’t proposed or bought one yet.  So, a ring catches my eye.  actually, 2 rings.  a wedding band and engagement ring.  (now i bet you see where this is going) really pretty, with a carved band in a metal in between white gold and platinum.  So pretty.  yeah, i tried it on.  didn’t fit my finger, because I have fat fingers.  and the sales lady talked me into putting it on a wish list at the store.  So, i did, got my finger sized and everything.  So, the crazy part of this story is that the boyfriend would flip if he knew. I mean, we are looking at a while before we get engaged if we do.  You know, it would be nice to live in the same town!  So, how crazy am I?  And lets all take a moment to thank God the boyfriend doesn’t read this.

I only worked like 3 hours yesterday.  I was restless and I should have worked more.  Oh well, i went home and cleaned.  Lots of laundry!!!

I gotta go get some grub for lunch. 


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Breathin’ Easier

January 11, 2007 at 12:32 pm (ministry)

So, we decided last night not to go to the girls-only event we were planning on, since one of the girls was unable to go.  It didn’t make sense to just take one.  So, I actually get to be home Friday and Saturday!!!  I am happy.  GI jane and I are going to have girls date night on Friday, and invite the bride too.  that reminds me, I need to call her.  Or maybe I can swing by her work.

 Church council meeting tonight.  An update on the discussion of my questionable character for all ya’all:  The council pres called me yesterday and said they were going to continue the discussion some at council, and wondered if it would be ok if i left early, so that people could speak more freely.  I said that would be fine, and by that time too I was in full confirmation mode anyway.  As I thought about it more, I realized he hadn’t heard my side of the story.  So, I sent him the following email.  Please tell me what you think:

Hi (council president)
I realized after I got off the phone last night that I should have talked to about this, but I was so in confirmation mode by that time everything else just flew right out of my mind.  I would have liked to talk to you about this personally, but I didn’t want to bother you at work.  If you want to call me later today, please do.
I am not sure what all was said about me in the last meeting.  I want you to know how I have taken things that have been said to me.  This isn’t anything you need to share with the entire council tonight, but I felt that is was important for you as President to know.  I will admit to using the computer for personal usage at work.  I apologized for this, and trust me, it is no longer happening.  I feel like I need to clear my name a bit though, as I think I have been accused of visiting inappropriate sites.  I can guarantee you that none of the sites that I looked at are sites that I wouldn’t look at at the public library.  They may also have been sites that i discovered through our youth’s web pages that I was checking out.  I am sorry for using the computer for personal use, and it will not happen again.
I understand and accept the council’s choice to extend my probation.  I have no problem with attending counseling, as long as there is not an expectation that what I have discussed in counseling will be shared with anyone.  I have been assured that the only expectation is that I attend, and that the church can confirm that I have attended.  I think a faith mentor of some type is a great idea, actually, I think all church staff should have one.
Basically, I wanted you to know that I accept the precautionary measures the council has decided to take.  I am doing the best I can to do my job well, and to live my life in such a way that I can talk to our youth about all aspects of my life.  I hope that shines through more than this indiscretion.  Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions for me, please feel free to call me.  See you tonight.

I didn’t mention that I have had family members advising me to get a lawyer, because i think that was mainly advice from the other privacy invasions the staff has done.  So, we shall see how it all shakes out!  Pray for me please.

Ok, I need to go grab lunch, run by the hospice office (I am starting to volunteer there) and go visit one of my youth who is in the hospital.  This kid had surgery on both of his hips in late November and has been in a wheelchair until he heals, and now had his appendix taken out.  he is a 7th grader!  he is sick of the hospital and i can’t blame him!


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