Writer’s strike

November 14, 2007 at 5:09 pm (Celbs and pop culture, it drives me crazy, things I love) (, , , )

The Writer Guilds strike troubles me.  first of all, just let me say to the producers of these shows: REALLY, THE WRITERS DESERVE SOME KICKBACK FROM THE INTERNET AND DVDS, WHERE YOU CONTINUE TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE THINGS THEY HAVE WRITTEN. there, got that off my chest. 

Now I love TV.  seriously, every night but Saturday has a regular DVR schedule.  then, I watch it when i get a chance,  since i typically work when these shows are on. Just quick breakdown for ya:

Sunday: Amazing Race 12, Desperate Housewives, Brother’s and Sisters

Monday: The Bachelor, (which will soon be done, and then it will be October Road,) Little People Big World, Jon and Kate Plus 8

Tuesday: House, Law and Order SVU

Wednesday: America’s Next Top Model, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money

Thursday: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Shots

Friday: Women’s Murder Club

Every day: Regis and Kelly, The View, Ellen.

So yes, I realize that this is approximately 30 hours of television a week.  But many times, I don’t watch all of the ones I tape everyday, and with the gift of DVR, i get to fast forward through all of the commercials.  But yes, it is an obession, and sad, i realize.  But hey, i have no friends or a boyfriend, so give me a break.

Most of these shows only had one or two episodes in the can before the strike.  and others are doing without writers, like Ellen.  I watch Ellen everyday, because she makes me laugh.  and though funny, not as funny without her writers.

And now the rumor is they might not even bring back Lost this year unless this gets resolved.  PLEASE, for the sake of television fans everywhere, figure this out.

Do you want me to be your mediator?  because as you can see, I am pretty invested.  There has to be a solution to problems like this. 

Honestly, you could look at it this way.  If this doesn’t get resolved, we will move on.  and then you will not be making any money, and you will have to build up a viewership again.

Granted, i live in Minnesota in the winter, so there is really nothing else to do.  but maybe i will find something.  at the very least, some of these shows that are newer on my radar might be dropped.

So, to sum it up.  I think the writers have a valid point.  Let’s meet and figure this out for the sake of the viewers, the parties of all involved, and their families.

and seriously, call me if you need a mediator!


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May 25, 2007 at 10:59 pm (it drives me crazy)

me crazy this week are:

People who ignore the express lane signs.

People who ignore the fact that while i am ringing up and packing their groceries for them, all of the bags on the carosel are full.  seriously, please just put them in your cart.

People who get irritated with me when: their credit card is declined, they don’t have enough money on their food stamp card to pay for all of their groceries, and when I hand them back their checks, since we do checks  electronically. I can understand once, but really, there is nothing i can do about it.  all of these things are out of my control.

People who have their kids, little kids, at the store past 10 at night, feeding them highly caffinated soft drinks…no wonder they are crabby, ADD, sleepy during the day.  People, kids thrive when they have structure and schedule.  Stop trying to be their best friend and be a PARENT.  they are only 4 years old,  they can handle it.  and if not, that is what therapists are for later in life.

oh, the joy of working memorial day weekend.

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not so comic

April 26, 2007 at 1:34 pm (it drives me crazy)

Comic Sans font drives me crazy.  and why is it that anyone who thinks kids will think it is “cool” uses it.  IMHO, it is not visually appealing.  boo to Comic Sans.  Find a new font people!  there are lots of options out there!

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