Writer’s strike

November 14, 2007 at 5:09 pm (Celbs and pop culture, it drives me crazy, things I love) (, , , )

The Writer Guilds strike troubles me.  first of all, just let me say to the producers of these shows: REALLY, THE WRITERS DESERVE SOME KICKBACK FROM THE INTERNET AND DVDS, WHERE YOU CONTINUE TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE THINGS THEY HAVE WRITTEN. there, got that off my chest. 

Now I love TV.  seriously, every night but Saturday has a regular DVR schedule.  then, I watch it when i get a chance,  since i typically work when these shows are on. Just quick breakdown for ya:

Sunday: Amazing Race 12, Desperate Housewives, Brother’s and Sisters

Monday: The Bachelor, (which will soon be done, and then it will be October Road,) Little People Big World, Jon and Kate Plus 8

Tuesday: House, Law and Order SVU

Wednesday: America’s Next Top Model, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money

Thursday: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Shots

Friday: Women’s Murder Club

Every day: Regis and Kelly, The View, Ellen.

So yes, I realize that this is approximately 30 hours of television a week.  But many times, I don’t watch all of the ones I tape everyday, and with the gift of DVR, i get to fast forward through all of the commercials.  But yes, it is an obession, and sad, i realize.  But hey, i have no friends or a boyfriend, so give me a break.

Most of these shows only had one or two episodes in the can before the strike.  and others are doing without writers, like Ellen.  I watch Ellen everyday, because she makes me laugh.  and though funny, not as funny without her writers.

And now the rumor is they might not even bring back Lost this year unless this gets resolved.  PLEASE, for the sake of television fans everywhere, figure this out.

Do you want me to be your mediator?  because as you can see, I am pretty invested.  There has to be a solution to problems like this. 

Honestly, you could look at it this way.  If this doesn’t get resolved, we will move on.  and then you will not be making any money, and you will have to build up a viewership again.

Granted, i live in Minnesota in the winter, so there is really nothing else to do.  but maybe i will find something.  at the very least, some of these shows that are newer on my radar might be dropped.

So, to sum it up.  I think the writers have a valid point.  Let’s meet and figure this out for the sake of the viewers, the parties of all involved, and their families.

and seriously, call me if you need a mediator!


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The Pick-up Artist

August 28, 2007 at 3:34 pm (Celbs and pop culture)

I have a new guilty pleasure.

Have you seen the Pick-up Artist on VH1?  When i saw the promos for this show, i went…ICK!

Now I am addicted.

The premise of the show is to take 8 guys who have no game with women, from a range of “always the friend,” to “45 year old virgin,” to “can’t talk to women, at all” and turn them into Master pick up artists.

Their teacher, guide, and judge during this process is a man called Mystery.  My first thought….LAME!  and seriously, not the kind of guy i would go for, AT ALL.  but i am entranced.  his charm comes through the television, and sucks you in.

It is formatted like reality shows before this, reward challenge, teach, and test.  The winner of the test every week gets to choose 2 wingmen.  all three are safe from elimination.

The winner gets some kind of prize money, and the chance to travel the world with Mystery and teach other people this method.

Really, they are basically being taught how to read people and body language, and how to come off as more attractive and confident.  it is interesting.

Joe D is my favorite, and i think he is adorable, and can pick me up anytime!

I think my reality TV obsession has gone too far…

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Fergalicious, Transforming, or Big Girls don’t cry in Las Vegas.

August 25, 2007 at 11:21 pm (Celbs and pop culture)

So, some background to this story.  There is a bar about 2 miles from my house, out in the country on a lake.  it is mostly locals, and some lake people.  My dad is pretty much there every night.  Ok, so now you have that background.

So, lets remember that i was at work last night.  night.from.hell.

So, my dad pulls in the driveway this morning to tell me this story.

They were at the bar last night when this little woman walks in with another guy and another girl.  And my dad’s wife says, “I think thats…”  and then in walks another familiar face.  Josh Duhamel.  You know, guy from the tv show Las Vegas, Transformers, AMAZINGLY HOT!!!

OK, another side story.  My sister has met him before with my dad and his wife, because my dad’s wife knows Josh’s dad, who has a lake cabin in the area where we live.  so hence, my dad’s wife knows Josh too.

So, the little lady who walked in right before him?  Fergie.  yes, as in Fergalicious, Black eyed Peas, music superstar Fergie.  and Josh’s girlfriend.

They had three drinks and then left, no one bothered them, but everyone was pretty much dying inside from what i understand.

And where was i?  Work.  So SAD!!! because i would have much rather been in the same room as Fergie and her Amazingly hot boyfriend.

oh yeah, and since i have heard Fergie on the radio like 3 times today, I scream every time: “She was 2 miles away from my house!!!”

This is a big, big deal for this town, and a little bar that half the people in town have no idea exists out in the country. 

Oh well, at least I am star struck from a distance even though i wasn’t there.  And really, i probably would have made a fool of myself if i was.  I love stars, and all things pop culture.

Thats my exciting story for the day!  Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

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