About Me!

I am a 27 year old.  I am a woman, girl, sister, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece, and friend.  I am a knitter, cardmaker, pretend quilter, and general crafter.  I am a Democrat and a Christian.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree that I am not using (isn’t most of my generation) and I work at a “big box” store as a manger.  I am trying to decide what i want to be when i grow up, which is much harder than it sounds.  In what seems like a past life i worked in churches as a youth director.  I am not very good at keeping a clean house, but I clean bathrooms incredibly.  I love to laugh.  I love TV.  I love hanging out with kids of all ages. Someday I would like to be a wife and mother, but I am not in a big hurry for that, yet anyway.  In the next year I would like to knit a pair of socks in a week, exercise more, eat better, and learn to be more organized.  I want to learn to make each day better than the one before it, and look at the positive.  Enjoy this blog.  If you enjoy it, comment, because i enjoy comments.  This is full of things that are about me, so it means it is often a random assortment.


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