A good day

November 4, 2008 at 7:27 pm (NaBloPoMo, things I love) (, )

Great things happened today:

I worked in the Pharmacy, which i love.

I PASSED my Driver’s license test.  I know, i have lived in MN again for quite awhile, but i failed the first time and was super nervous.  I am all officially Minnesotan again.

I got a new, to me, cell phone.  I killed my phone last summer, have been using my mom’s old phone, but that is dying real quick, and so i mentioned it to someone I worked with.  Her daughter had an extra, and sold it to me for $20. Whoo Hoo!  maybe i can now have a longer conversation than 20 min on my phone.

I voted.  and that is always exciting.

Now, i am going to eat dinner….yummy.


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