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September 11, 2008 at 8:29 pm (reflections) (, )

Say what you will, but I am not a particularly patriotic person.  And I could go off on why and why not, but i don’t know that anyone wants to hear that today.

But today was a day i wish i had my camera. (I am hoping in the near future i can find this pic online)

I drove into town during my lunch break, and as I was coming over the bridge, my breath caught in my throat.

At the Fire Station, a ladder truck was raised, with a huge American Flag on it.  With the wind blowing, it just stopped me for a moment.

Today I remember the people who thought they were going to work like it was a regular day.

Today I remember the people who got on 4 airplanes, for business, for pleasure, to see family or friends.

Today I remember the Emergency Personnel who put their lives to the side to save others.

Today I remember the Rescue Personnel who worked tirelessly for months.

Today I remember the unlikely heros.

Today I remember the families and friends of the victims.

Today I remember the families of those who perpetrated this violence.  Because they too grieve.

Today I remember the generations of people, including my own, who are forever changed by what happened In New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

Today I remember that forgiveness is more important than revenge, though many times much harder.

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