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September 26, 2008 at 7:46 pm (Life)

I have not had any great blogging thoughts this week.  it has been a loooooong week.  I am exhausted, and have been on the verge of tears all day.  actually, all week.  and i am a crier, but this is ridiculous.

Sunday, I went into work on my day off because 17 PEOPLE CALLED IN!!!  So, i got some overtime, great, but it did make a 7 day stretch into an 8 day one, and i am just not very good at either of those.

Monday, on my way into work, my car broke.  something with the fuel system.  oh yeah, i need this right now.

Tuesday/Wednesday, the car i was driving instead, my mom’s old van, broke.  starter went out.  great.

Thursday, i got my dad’s wife’s car, which i may never give back, while they are out of town for the weekend.

Thursday/Friday/Today: I am calf-sitting this weekend.  and one won’t eat, and is really sick.  yeah, my brother got the phone call with me crying.  I honestly don’t know that the calf will be alive tomorrow morning, and i know, it is part of farm life, i was raised with it, but it still makes me really sad.

So, maybe in a couple of days i will have some great blogging thoughts, but i still have 2 days of work and calf-sitting.

thanks for listening to me rant, i needed it.


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Yarn Harvest Shop Hop Wrap Up

September 23, 2008 at 8:28 pm (things I love) (, )

I have never done a shop hop before, but I had so much fun.  I live in the middle of all the shops, so I split it up over 4 days.  This was my birthday gift to myself.  I thought about showing you what yarn i got where, but my family gripes about the amount of knitting i write about on this blog already, and they think my yarn obession is way out there. Armed with my Yahoo Maps (which were AWESOME!!! i never got lost, and that is saying ALOT) It went a little something like this.

Wednesday: Monika’s, Park Rapids.  I purchased some great laceweight, and some very pretty sock yarn for myself.  As always, i was happy walking in and out of Monika’s.  I love that place.  The people are friendly and helpful, and i appreciate how the store is organized.

Thursday:  Me, a cup of coffee, and my grandma.  First stop was Between Friends, Brainerd; then Among the Pines, Baxter; and lastly, At Loose Ends, Perham, where i really got some great Bargain stuff.

Friday I was flying solo, it was kind of nice.  Alexandria and Gallery of Dreams was first on my list.  Then I got to take some great country roads to Prairie Needles in Battle Lake.  Then a hop, skip and a jump to Crates of Yarn in Fergus Falls.  Sock Yarn and Baby Clothes Yarn abounds in my home now!

Saturday I headed with my mom to Fargo.  First Boucle, i didn’t buy anything there, but i love that place…i am thinking i started to get yarn shopped out if you can believe it.  and then Prairie Yarns.  and I was done, and proud of myself for doing all 9.

I think my favorite stores in terms of atmosphere are Boucle and Monika’s.  They just both draw me in. I could probably live at Boucle.

The best gift bag prize goes to Monika’s.  With honorable mentions to Boucle and Between Friends.  i am a sucker for free yarn.

The best door prize goes to Prairie Needles.  Only because I won one.  I am thinking about some more cascade for socks.

This year’s theme was hands.  And I maybe misunderstood, but i was expecting patterns for gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves.  All of the patterns were fingerless, and that was kind of a bummer.  Because really, most people i know don’t “get” the fingerless thing, though i love them.

I am still keeping my fingers crossed for that grand prize…then i could afford to make the sweater I am dying to make for myself.

Overall, i had a great time, and I can’t wait til next year.  But whoa, I really need to get knitting.

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Family Tree

September 22, 2008 at 9:56 pm (family, reflections) (, )

I have been thinking, and talking about my grandfathers a lot lately. 

My maternal grandfather, Charles (aka Charlie or Chuck) died just 3 weeks after my parents were married.  He was 46.  I never knew him, obviously, but i have heard so many stories about him, some good, some bad.  He was a charasmatic person, who loved the outdoors, loved to have a good time, and loved to play the guitar and sing.

My paternal grandfather, Vernon, died when I was 10, suddenly of a stroke.  My memories of him include the fact that he always brought us candy, seeing him taking off his back brace when we spent the night, and his fabulous laugh.  He too loved the outdoors, could talk to anyone, and was very much a “people person.”

Do you ever have someone in your life that you don’t know what they are thinking?  Or have you lost someone and wondered what they would think about situations that arise after they are gone?

I have had several conversations about these two men this last week.  And, I can’t help but wonder, would they be proud of me?  What would they say about my choices, my life?  How would things be different if they lived longer?

It is possible to miss someone you have never known, or not known very well.  It helps me to remember to cherish the time I have with those that are around me now.

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World Domination can’t be far away–Twisted Tulip Socks

September 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm (family, things I love) ()

I am proud of a lot of my knitting projects.  But really, right now these are busting my buttons.  They are really the first cable project, and first patterned sock project that i have done.  And i could not be more pleased with how they turned out.  These are the Twisted Tulip Socks from the Interweave Knits Summer 2008.  They are knit in Pagewood Farms Superwash Merino, Handpainted sock yarn, colorway Bird of Paradise.

My sister is the recipent of these beauties, and I am hoping she will take a picture wearing them and send it to me!

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Did you know?

September 11, 2008 at 8:58 pm (blogging, reflections, things I love, Uncategorized) (, , )

I have another blog!  It has been under construction for awhile now, but I actually have some posts up and wanted to share.

The Voracious Reader

As you can guess from the title, here is where i put my thoughts on books, and would welcome yours too.  Please remember, it is a work in progress.


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A moment…

September 11, 2008 at 8:29 pm (reflections) (, )

Say what you will, but I am not a particularly patriotic person.  And I could go off on why and why not, but i don’t know that anyone wants to hear that today.

But today was a day i wish i had my camera. (I am hoping in the near future i can find this pic online)

I drove into town during my lunch break, and as I was coming over the bridge, my breath caught in my throat.

At the Fire Station, a ladder truck was raised, with a huge American Flag on it.  With the wind blowing, it just stopped me for a moment.

Today I remember the people who thought they were going to work like it was a regular day.

Today I remember the people who got on 4 airplanes, for business, for pleasure, to see family or friends.

Today I remember the Emergency Personnel who put their lives to the side to save others.

Today I remember the Rescue Personnel who worked tirelessly for months.

Today I remember the unlikely heros.

Today I remember the families and friends of the victims.

Today I remember the families of those who perpetrated this violence.  Because they too grieve.

Today I remember the generations of people, including my own, who are forever changed by what happened In New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

Today I remember that forgiveness is more important than revenge, though many times much harder.

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Special Olympics Scarf Project

September 8, 2008 at 12:16 pm (Craftiness, things I love) (, )

I have wanted to do some knitting for donation, and I found a great project!  The Special Olympics is looking for scarves to be made from Super Saver Red Heart from knitters and crocheters.  We have a group on Ravelry.  If you want more info, let me know.

This was a simple basket weave scarf, great mindless knitting for a break from cables and my mom’s cape shawl which will probably kill me.

Special Olympic Scarf #1


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Quote of the day: 9/6/08

September 6, 2008 at 5:32 pm (Humorous, Work)

You meet all kinds of people in my job.  Today, this conversation happened.

“My mom used to tell me to put my wishes in one hand and spit in the other, rub em together and see what you have more of.”

I don’t really know what it was supposed to mean, but it made me laugh.  and then he counted his money to me in german.

it was an interesting day

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Last Weekend’s Project

September 4, 2008 at 2:43 pm (family, Life) (, , )

This was last weekend’s project:




As many know, i grew up on a dairy farm, and now my dad and brother are “hobby” farmers, with about 100 head of beef cows.  Well, last weekend they were out of town, and my brother and his girlfriend needed someone to bottle feed this cutie.  its mom wouldn’t feed him, so they were bottle feeding him.  So, last weekend, he was my project.  Fun for about 2 seconds, but i was glad when monday rolled around and I didn’t have to be a farmer anymore.

Then on Tuesday, Henry got a friend:

Henry and Friend

Henry and Friend

This one is being bottle fed too.  I am really glad i am not a farmer this weekend!  Fun to look at, but I would rather just go pet them once and awhile!

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First Day of School

September 3, 2008 at 8:30 pm (family, reflections) (, , , )

Yesterday was the first day of school here in MN.  Or if you are my cousin, a kindergartener, today was his first day of school, because the teacher split up the class for the first two days.  So today in my email I had pictures of my cousins, one who started preschool yesterday, and one who started kindergarten today, on their first days of school.

I loved school.  it was something that most of the time i was really good at, and there is something about the beginning of a new school year that is, still, to me more momentous than the first of January.

There was all that preparation leading up to the first day.  The school supplies…oh I love school supplies!  I tease my mom that the reason she is a teacher is because she loves school supplies so much.   But there are the new crayons, new bottles of glue that aren’t gunked up yet, the shiny new paper, all neat and organized for the first day.  It won’t stay that way for long, but it is that way for the first day.

The choosing of the outfit.  I don’t know if this is a big deal for boys, but it is for girls.  You want to look good, but not look like you spent too much time choosing your outfit, & you want to wear your brand new shoes. (and yes, i thought about all this, even as an elementary schooler.)

And you would get to see your friends.  I was a country kid, and didn’t get to spend all summer with my friends.  In fact, my memories of summer were spending more time with my brother and sister or friends of the family rather than friends from school.    and you would get to the first day, and compare and compliment those carefully planned outfits, and try and figure out what kind of seating arrangements the teachers were going to give you.

My most vivid first day of school memory is probably the first day of college orientation actually.  My parents and I loaded up our van full of my stuff…really full.  I don’t think i knew what an 8×10 dorm room would actually fit.  We were headed westward.  I remember waking up in that hotel room in Bellvue, WA listening to my parents talk about me when they though i was still sleeping.  They were both choked up, and I cried silent tears while i listened.  As we drove to campus, I remember the flip flopping my stomach was doing of nervousness, excitement, scaredness, lonliness and homesickness all combined.  I had lived on the same land since i was a baby…I wouldn’t see my family til December, and what the hell was I thinking?  But it was so exciting moving into my room.  And my mom, as she has done in all the places i have moved since, made my bed before leaving, and my dad hid money in my room for me to find later.   I cried when they left, and really for quite a few nights after.  and when ever i got lonely, i would pull out the journal my mom wrote for me my last year at home.  I made incredible friends, and learned more about myself than i ever thought i would.

But it was one of the best decisions of my life.  and even though i am not directly using my education at this time, I wouldn’t trade the expirences and the friends i made in my freshman year or the years after.

Education often doesn’t make us smarter, it shapes us as people.  Thank Goodness for the First day of school.

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