Yeah, you would want to live here too!

October 11, 2007 at 10:00 pm (Life) (, , )

Because i cleaned yesterday.

and i know, most people do this often.  and i do, especially my bathroom.  i hate a dirty bathroom.  but other rooms in the house get taken up by dirty clothes, books, magazines, and general clutter.

Tuesday night, i promised my mom that by the time she got home on wednesday, my place would be clean.  she is typically home around 6.  i did laundry, hung pictures, threw away a lot of garbage, sorted, scrubbed, wiped, vaccumed.  i also rearranged furniture.  all. by. myself.  and i am paying for it today with a sore back.  but really, who is supposed to do it for me?  my invisible boyfriend?  i think not.

At 5:15 i looked around, looked at my very shaken up cats, and sighed.  i was finished.  and it looked good, real good.  i took a shower, and sat.  and it still looks good today!

5:15 was definately the happiest moment of my day yesterday.

and my mom’s reaction? “oh, i want to live here too!”  excellent.

 now i just need to keep it that way!


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  1. Brenda said,

    TAG! You’re it… see my blog for more. I hope you have great weekend. 🙂

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