I’m Rich!!!

October 10, 2007 at 11:24 am (Humorous) (, , , , )

I got this letter in my email today:

Dear Winner,
We wish to congratulate you over your e-mail success in our computer balloting held in Belgium. This is a Millennium Scientific Computer Game in which e-mail addresses were selected. It is a promotional program aimed at encouraging Internet users; therefore you do not need to buy ticket to enter for it. You have been approved for payment of
$1,000,000.00 USD (One Million Dollars Only) .
To claim your winning prize you are to contact Belgium Lottery as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winnings. Please contact Belgium Lottery,

Best Regards,
Luciana Bellavia (Secretary.).

this is amazing!  but first, i want to know a few things, so i am going to write them a letter in return.

Dear Belgium Lottery,

Thank you for selecting little ol’ me to win your lottery.  I will now be able to afford to begin cloning my cats.  before i claim this wonderful prize, i do have a few questions for you.  first of all, if you are located in Belgium, why am i getting 1 million in US dollars?  shouldn’t it be in Euros, or Belgian money?  and if so, my guess the exchange rate is not in my favor, and therefore will be getting less than a million dollars.  and why am i just hearing about this millennium scientific computer game now?  didn’t we pass the millennium marker a few years ago?  i thought for sure i would have heard about it by now.  and i understand this is a game targeted at Internet users, but what are you encouraging them to do?  don’t people spend enough time on the Internet already?

Also, i think before you start handing out money like candy on Halloween you should begin a search for a new secretary.  her punctuation is terrible.  and why is she signing her name to the letter?  shouldn’t it be from a CEO or an account manager or something?

thank you for letting me know about my win.  i look forward to your prompt answers to these questions.  when i get your reply letter, is there any way you can also send me any of those tasty waffles you are so well known for?

Thank you,

CoffeeBeanQueen, future millionaire and owner of cloned cats


  1. Brenda said,

    Can I have some? Of your cloned cats, I mean. Smokie needs a buddy. 🙂

    Congratulations and I hope they get back to you with some answers soon!

  2. Babeth said,

    As someone who actually lives in Belgium I can only say this: There is no “Belgian Lottery”, it’s called the “Lotto”. The prize money would have been in Euros, not Dollars. And judging from the name used the person would be a native French speaker, therefore unable to communicate in any other language but French. (Trust me, I’m Flemish, I know. I speak 4 languages myself, that’s only natural for a Flemish. But a Walloon (French-speaking native) ? NO.) LOL !!

    Cheers, and may the sun shine merrily on you today,
    Babeth from the House of Chaos

  3. Pissed Off said,

    Dont even go through with it!!! The whole thing is a scam!! I looked the whole thing up through the internet and found that euro millions lottery is just a fake scam, i was sent the same email, and im afraid i went a lot further than i should have, but in the end found out that millions of others received the same letter from the same Luciana Bell… and the whole thing is a stinking scam!!! What goes around comes around, you will be caught out in the end!! For sure!! There is no million dollar win and there is no such a company, they end up asking you to send them money to release the millions out to you, and the money never comes anyway, but they use your personal information for their own purposes!!! Be careful!! I got bitten, dont you be as well!! If i can help but one person in not making the same mistake i made then my job is done! This is my first time in being involved in a scam and it sure looked pretty convincing to someone whose never been there before, well, as the saying goes, once bitten twice shy!!!

  4. janej said,

    Hey I got the same letter too, exactly the same wording and the same person!!!! Geez, not funny at all!!! Thanks for posting your letter up here its a good way for people to find out about these kinds of people!! I love cats, good luck with the cloning!

  5. coffeebeanqueen said,

    Hey PO, yeah, I know, it is called snark.


  6. Amish said,

    I got the same email except now they have changed it to Euros.

  7. bill said,

    there’s a new scam, same lady. thanks for the tip. Queue the Dugh!!!

    You have been approved the sum prize of 1,000,000.00 Euro (OneMillion Euro Only)Please contact our Belgium national Lottery on e-mail,belgiumclaimsdept@live.beLucky Reference number :HLS.36EPG/0012-4426/0908.1/6/27/39/47-1-9. Batch Number: BELOTTO/3707/444/908/09Best Regards,Luciana Bellavia

    best regards.

    Captain Obvious.

  8. Robert said,

    Every single one of those emails saying you won something where you didn’t enter is a total scam and even some you may have entered are a scam or sold your name to scammers. Those people can be dangerous, do not ever reply to them even as a joke because they can sent out their next spam mailing as if from your email address.

    If you are interested in how to win the lottery visit http://www.lotto-logix.com/winyourlotery.html

    My cats must have won a lottery, they’re getting free room and board for life.

  9. el gordo said,

    Oh..This article inspiring me to enter lottery playing. Thank you.

  10. Euro Lottery said,

    I am always amazed at just how many people get suckered by these obvious scam emails. Don’t people ask themselves the following question before they get conned: “how can I have won money from a lottery game that I haven’t even entered?”

  11. Lottoguru said,

    The best things with these types of lottery emails is to delete, don’t even reply to it, as soon as you do you veryfy your email address, usually they are just hit and miss emails in the hope someone exists on the end of the email, so to speak.

    Unfortunately, people do fall for scams like this and its usually the vunerable who become victims. As has been mentioned, if you didnt enter the lottery then you cant win it!

  12. Constipation Remedies said,

    sometimes you got to taper down on playing too much compter games coz it is quite addictive *;’

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