The Pick-up Artist

August 28, 2007 at 3:34 pm (Celbs and pop culture)

I have a new guilty pleasure.

Have you seen the Pick-up Artist on VH1?  When i saw the promos for this show, i went…ICK!

Now I am addicted.

The premise of the show is to take 8 guys who have no game with women, from a range of “always the friend,” to “45 year old virgin,” to “can’t talk to women, at all” and turn them into Master pick up artists.

Their teacher, guide, and judge during this process is a man called Mystery.  My first thought….LAME!  and seriously, not the kind of guy i would go for, AT ALL.  but i am entranced.  his charm comes through the television, and sucks you in.

It is formatted like reality shows before this, reward challenge, teach, and test.  The winner of the test every week gets to choose 2 wingmen.  all three are safe from elimination.

The winner gets some kind of prize money, and the chance to travel the world with Mystery and teach other people this method.

Really, they are basically being taught how to read people and body language, and how to come off as more attractive and confident.  it is interesting.

Joe D is my favorite, and i think he is adorable, and can pick me up anytime!

I think my reality TV obsession has gone too far…


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