Sir, is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

August 28, 2007 at 3:14 pm (Work)

So the other night at work was yet another night of adventure.  I am trying to figure out who needs breaks and needs to go home when this conversation occurs:

Man in orange shirt: excuse me ma’am, are you a supervisor?

Me:Yes I am, how can I help you? (Have I mentioned i got a promotion?)

Man: I thought you should know that my youngest son just saw a man walk in with a gun in his pocket.

Me, In my head: Shit, shit, shit!

Me, out loud:  Ok, what door was it at?

Man: that one.

Me: what did he look like?  I need a description.

Man: short, heavyset, dark hair.

Me: anything else?

Man: um, no, i just thought you should know.

Me, in my head: well thanks for the vaugeness!!!

Me, out loud:  thank you for letting me know, i will let management know immediately.

now, i am the only supervisor around, so i radio management to call me in the office, and they do, i give them the description, and they go looking around the store for anyone matching this description.  they can’t find anyone.

In the meantime, someone came and returned a pellet gun in customer service. (do you see where this is headed yet?)

Now, the rest of this story is assumption, and hearsay, from the girl from customer service.

I guess the cops were called when i alerted management.  So the man with the exchanged pellet gun leaves the store, and is greeted by 2 cops, guns drawn. They get cuffed because they can’t produce a reciept, until they finally go inside to get a duplicate reciept, and they are ticked!!!

I can’t wait to read the police report on this one in the paper tomorrow…then maybe i will have more of the story.

Moral to this story: let a people greeter know when you are returning something.  thank you!


1 Comment

  1. VENTL8R said,

    Holy crap! I’m sure you were about to wet yourself as was the gentleman who had guns to his face!

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