Lost-Season Finale

May 23, 2007 at 9:47 pm (things I love)

Ok, I am going to just empty my brain here about everything I just saw on the Lost season Finale.

Desmond, Charlie and the Looking Glass: Say It isn’t so!  if Charlie is dead, I am so sad.  actually, i did start to cry.  Desmond, the spear gun rocked!  Mikhail-i will get to him later.  The Good Vibrations tune…does that have any significance?  You know, in this show, it all does.  So i am guessing we will hear more about that later.  and so Desmond is now in the Looking Glass alone.  Does he dare try to leave?  Because Mikhail is up on the surface somewhere…

Mikhail-is he invinceable?  I mean, first the sonic fence, then the spear gun, and really, the man had to lose his eye somehow.  Something to ponder.

Flashforwards-shocked me!  So, whose funeral was it?  my guess is it is someone who wasn’t considered a friend by anyone, so maybe Ben (but would he ever leave his precious island?) or Locke, but i don’t see him leaving the island either, something I just realized as I typed this.  So, any ideas?

The purpose of the island- Now, From what I heard I was going to find this out.  I didn’t.  though we know that they are able to be rescued.  My guess is, with everything we know about the island, that it has some kind of healing property, and everyone who was on flight 815 had something that needed to be healed.  and some of them have found that healing, some have not yet.  Almost like they can’t die until they find that healing.  for example, Charlie, no longer heroin addicted, Eko, felt at peace again about his brother’s death, i could probably go on and on.

Jack’s father-possibly still alive?  i dont’ know,  i have to watch that part again, thank God for DVR.

Naomi-Ok, is she a “bad guy.” what do the “bad guys” want with the island?

Kate-is she married to Sawyer now? or who could be the “he” she refered to?

I am going to watch this again tomorrow I think. 

They told me we would have answers, I just feel like I have more questions.

I would love to hear what the rest of you thought, and if you have any possible theories or answers!  Please!



  1. Anastasia said,

    Charlie: He could yet live. I see Desmond swimming out in underwater gear, pulling Charlie through the port and giving him CPR in the boat. 🙂 (pleasedontdiecharlie!)

    Jack’s Dad: When I read what you wrote, that clicked off in my head. He did say “get my dad down here”… but at the time, I thought we were still seaing a flashback! That explains the maps all of his house too! He was looking for the island.

    So his dad is alive….

    The Funeral: The more I think about it, the more I think it was Ben’s. No one came. Jack said he was neither friend nor family… Kate’s reaction when Jack told her he thought she’d go…

    Sadly, we have almost a year to speculate 😦

  2. coffeebeanqueen said,

    I know, isn’t it crazy! Feb of next year, ridculous!

    I totally forgot about the maps! thanks for the reminder.

    Yeah, i am going to have to watch this again this weekend!

  3. Carol Ann said,

    Glad to find another “Lost” fan. I am also planning on re-watching the finale. I have many unanswered questions – many of the same you do. Have you watched it again? Any further insight? There’s a group of about 8 of us that pile into our living room to watch Lost together every week…we’re all in sad shape now that we have to wait so long for next season! We’re considering picking another DVD Series to watch in the meantime…any suggestions?

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