Dear Fellow Quarter Life Crisisers…

May 17, 2007 at 6:06 pm (advice, reflections)

Yeah, so I don’t think “Crisisers” is a word, but get over it.

I have had so many hits on my site for people looking for quarter life crisis, or depressed, or quarter life crisis advice.  I hope you come back.  I hope you email me your stories.  maybe we can find some comfort and direction in hearing the stories of others, and sharing our expectations of where we had hoped to be at 25, and how that differs where we really are.

Some day, I want to write a book geared at young to mid-twentysomethings.  I have talked to so many people about how hard this time of their life is for them.  How is it that we didn’t expect this at all?  There there is serious unhappiness in one or all areas of their lives.  Were there things our parents, teachers, and mentors should have told us or taught us?  Or is it because those people had a different expirence in their twenties? (my parents were married and having kids.) Or is it becuase hard times can be easily forgotten?

so, share your stories please, it is not hard to leave me a comment or drop me an email.  Peace!


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