the extent of my fear

April 26, 2007 at 6:21 am (Humorous)

I hate snakes.  Hate em.   scared. to. death.

So last night i went to walk around in the yard, becuase it was so nice out.  go to down to the pond, etc.  so i am looking at the flowers that were coming up, and walking/limping towards the pond.  and on the stump in front of me, a dead snake.  I knew it was dead, i could tell.  yet, I was scared out of my mind and i booked it into the house.

That is the extent of my fear, scared of dead snakes.  wow.



  1. Brenda said,

    Ewww… eeewwww… eeeeeeewwwwwww. I practically run through that place in the zoo where snakes are displayed. Nasty looking buggers!

  2. VENTL8R said,

    I’m cool with snakes so long as they don’t slither over my foot when I least expect it. I’ve been peed on by a garter snake when I picked it up to show my daughter. To say it’s stinky is an understatement…..

    Found you through ITChick…..

    Carry on!

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