Unemployment, employment, and change

April 23, 2007 at 1:05 pm (Life)

Well, I have offically not had a job for a week.  Very strange.  but, last week I got a job, I actually start tomorrow.  I am going to be working at Wal-mart as a cashier.  not ideal, but it is a job, it will pay the bills, and I will actually be able to save some money probably since i will be getting paid pretty good and I am paring down my expenses.  I will be looking for another job, but I want to be 100% before I start applying.

The leg is doing good!  I have an ankle brace on, and I am off of my crutches, which is amazing!  my mom and i went shopping on Saturday, and I did most of the day with out a wheelchair.  I just need to be pretty honest with myself about how I am feeling.  I am going to attempt to walk down our driveway in a little bit…its a long driveway!

So, living at home again.  so far so good.  I wish i was unpacked, but I am not.  I am going to work on that more this afternoon.  My mom and I are getting along well, and with the exception of her computer driving me crazy, everything is working out quite nice.  The computer is slow.  I have been on for half an hour trying to get a video to download.  it is important…the boyfriend was interviewed for one of his track kids, and I want to see it.  I get to see him in person in 2 weeks!  I can’t wait, since I haven’t seen him since October, due to things that keep coming up when we are supposed to see eachother, like broken legs.

So, I am in the process of trying to decide what I want to be when i grow up.  A nurse, counselor, web designer, teacher, firefighter, really the list goes on and on.   I am thinking nursing still, partly because it is realistic, attainable, and pays good.  and i think i would be good at it.  I am a caretaker.

well i suppose i better go walk a bit, then get ready to make dinner…I am making fajitas tonight.



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