I broke myself

April 3, 2007 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, i thought i posted this a long time ago…it has now been a month since i broke my ankle and leg… 

Wow, what a last 9 days it has been.

Last Tuesday, I was leaving a meeting and heading back to the church, when i slipped on the ice and broke my leg and ankle.  i knew it was broken from the get go, i heard it as i went down.  so, i was taken to the ER by ambulance, where after 90 minutes they told me i would need surgery.  I was then taken by ambulance to a hospital an hour away, and then once there, transferred to another hospital for surgery and an overnight stay.

I broke the outside bone of my leg, near the bottom, and a bone in my ankle.  In surgery, they put in a metal plate and 6 screws into my leg, and 2 screws and a pin into the inside of my ankle. 

I hate this.  I was home at my mom’s for a few days recovering, then went back to my place with my grandma.  I met with my doctor again yesterday, and he recommended that I don’t go back to work for another week.  So, I am back at my mom’s, where i don’t have to deal with stairs.  I got a walking boot yesterday, which is much heavier than the splint I had on, and I have been in quite a bit of pain.  I am hoping I get used to it soon!

Prayers for healing would be much appreciated.  As prayers for where I am supposed to be going in my life.  That is a whole other area of confusion for me right now.

Thanks, i will be back soon!


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