A new title, a new chapter

April 3, 2007 at 3:31 pm (Life, reflections)

well, it is time for a new chapter to begin in my life, but first, an update:

My leg and ankle are healing.  I am tooling around the house now just on one crutch, though i am using 2 when i leave the house.  hopefully by next Wednesday i will be out of the walking boot and in an ankle brace that will fit into a shoe.

 So, my new chapter.  Well, i quit my job.  my last day is April 15.  I don’t exactly have another job lined up yet, but I have faith that will come through soon.  I am moving back to my hometown and renting from my mom, the upstairs of her house that she rented to college students before.  I am looking for jobs like crazy this weekend.  A lot of things brought this decision about.  One, is i just started to doubt my ablities as a youth director, and as a person.  Two, I felt like I was being verbally abused by my supervisor, and I didn’t want to take it anymore.  Three, I heard a little voice in my head saying one night, Maybe you need to take care of you for awhile.  So, I am excited, scared, nervous, anxious, happy, and at peace with the decision.

Part of this will be looking at going back to school.  Not sure what for yet..Masters in Social Work, Masters in Education, Masters in Counseling, a 2-year RN degree, Chaplancy, who knows!

I am also looking forward to having time to pursue my interests.  I will also be blogging more!

Today it is snowing, and that is no fun at all.  Especially on crutches.  I am ready for spring to arrive.

So, what is with the new title?  Well, at 25, almost 26, I feel like I am changing courses midstream, and that life is at a crossroads like never before.  This is definately not what I pictured for myself at 25.  It should be interesting what comes my way.



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