Happy Birthday Brother

January 22, 2007 at 5:39 pm (family)

Happy Birthday Little Brother.

Ok, so you aren’t so little anymore.  In fact, i think you are taller than me.  And somewhere between the time you graduated from high school and now, you have grown up, a lot.  I think this past year has done this.

I remember the day you were born.  I remember seeing you in hospital.  I remember knowing that I had to help take care of you.  Wait, I still do that.  When we were little, I remember playing in the woods, picking rocks, playing on the hill at the end of the road.  It seems like we were constantly making forts, and talking you into imagining with us.  I remember you throwing rocks, you always being a little bit of a risk taker, I remember fights on Wednesday nights and all of us making up before dad got in from the barn, and mom got home from ceramics. 

You are so funny.  You always make me laugh, and I love spending time with you.  we should do it more often, really.  I admire your work ethic, and your independent spirit.  You are so stinkin insightful to our family, your friends, and what is happening in people’s lives. You read hearts well.

You have had a tough year.  The stupid Lupus knocked you for a loop.  It knocked all of us for a loop.  I know you probably hate that we talk about it.  You have to remember, you are mainly surrounded by women, and women who verbally process things.  I admire you for the strength with which you took this all on.  I would have probably been a mess.  You just kept going.

I know you will have a better year this year.  It has already started out better.

Brother, thanks for being my friend.  Sorry for all of those times I was bossy and annoying. Thanks for being someone to laugh with and talk to.

 I love you, and happy 21st birthday.  We need to go to dinner sometime soon.  Don’t drink too much tonight, and don’t drive!

Love you!


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  1. Matt said,

    Nice words to your brother! Did he see it? Hope all is well. Thanks for the B-day e-card you sent me. Informative and gentle…I’m dealing…all is good.

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