Mission Trips vs. Adventure Trips

January 19, 2007 at 11:57 am (ministry)

I had an interesting discussion this week with a collegue.  It is her view that churches should only do mission trips, or trips with strong service components, instead of Adventure trips.  Her thought is why do we have to make service exciting for kids?

So, here are my thoughts.  First, why do we have to make service exciting for kids.  I think part of it is culture. These kids are constantly entertained, normally by one or two mediums at the same time.  Also, i think part of it is devleopmental, espcially for younger teens.  If you haven’t noticed, teenagers can be self-absorbed.  Though we want to teach them to look outward, developmentally, they also want to know what is in it for them.   Even if it is the act of making the service fun.  Maybe you come up with a silly song, action, etc.

Now, mission trips are great.  In fact, i am taking my kids on them this summer.  And they are excited, and are looking forward to serving others, learning more, etc.

I want to defend Adventure trips though too.  I think there are kids in my youth group who aren’t ready to give a week of thier summer to serve others.  I think an adventure trip can provide opportunites for teamwork, encountering God in new and different ways, and also has some downtime for some real connection with God, and great discussions.

 So, there is my defense of Adventure trips.  I think both can be valuable learning tools for youth.

 Agree or disagree?



1 Comment

  1. Brenda said,

    I agree with you, Jenna. The more opportunities for trips, the merrier. And why not make it fun, too? All it takes is one boring mission trip to turn kids away permanently… you want to engage them so they will keep coming back.

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