On a scale of 1-10, how crazy am I?

January 16, 2007 at 1:01 pm (Humorous, Life, ministry)

So, this weekend.  Whew!!!  First, I feel like a bad Youth Director because I cancelled or postponed both of the events i had scheduled this weekend.  one, due to lack of students, the other due to the fact that it is freaking cold and we were going skiing!  yeah, not gonna happen.

 So, friday night I went out to dinner with GI Jane and some of her pals from the guard.  Then we went to the VFW…the band was awesome.  Then we went to someone’s house.  I got home at 4 am.  Yeah, insane.  Even more insane was that the boyfriend got up at his house 6 hours away one hour later for work.

 Saturday, I went home to hang with some friends from HS.  I was going to drive back that day,b ut i was too tired and slept at my moms.  So, here is where i need you to give me a how crazy I am number:


My HS friends and I were at the local jewler.  (do you see where this is going yet?)  My friend was showing me what she refers to as “the ferrari of enagement rings.”  It is the one she has on her wish list at the store if her bf of 8 years ever decides to propose.  He has told her to look at rings and pick some out, yet hasn’t proposed or bought one yet.  So, a ring catches my eye.  actually, 2 rings.  a wedding band and engagement ring.  (now i bet you see where this is going) really pretty, with a carved band in a metal in between white gold and platinum.  So pretty.  yeah, i tried it on.  didn’t fit my finger, because I have fat fingers.  and the sales lady talked me into putting it on a wish list at the store.  So, i did, got my finger sized and everything.  So, the crazy part of this story is that the boyfriend would flip if he knew. I mean, we are looking at a while before we get engaged if we do.  You know, it would be nice to live in the same town!  So, how crazy am I?  And lets all take a moment to thank God the boyfriend doesn’t read this.

I only worked like 3 hours yesterday.  I was restless and I should have worked more.  Oh well, i went home and cleaned.  Lots of laundry!!!

I gotta go get some grub for lunch. 



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  1. Mom said,

    On a scale of 1-10, I would say 9.5

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