The insanity of it all

November 22, 2006 at 12:11 pm (Ministry and Life)

So yesterday, it was about 4 ish, i was in my office doing some reading, and all of a sudden i hear familiar voices outside.  4 of my craziest 8th grade boys came to see me. oy.  Ok, so i think the other staff was a little annoyed, because we were really loud, (they are 8th grade boys) but i was really excited they came to hang out!  now, i just need to get some stuff in my office to keep them occupied so they will stop asking if they can photocopy their butts on my office copier.  Oh boys!

I then left work a little early to do some out of the office ministry, and went and watched my 7th grade girls play basketball.  It was fun.  When i walked in a couple of the girls yelled my name and waved, and when the teams switched to start game 2, the girls on the other team called me over to talk to them.  I felt wanted and loved!  yeah!!!

 So, again, I feel like God is showing me that I am really, truly good at my job, and I need to rise above the staff insanity that is plauging me right now.

 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I am so excited!   I am totally forgetting weight watchers exists for one day and I am going to put away food like none other.  and then maybe go for a walk…it is beautiful here, and I am having a hard time remembering it is November, since it is like 60 degrees outside!  I love it!

 I got 2 more Christmas gifts out of the way.  I have spent less than $70 and I am almost done.  I am pretty thrilled with that!  yeah ebay!

 and an aww moment for you, I had this text from the boyfriend last night: “Thinking of u and thankful 4 u.”  Yep, he wins the good boyfriend award for the day!  He doesn’t do stuff like that super often, so I have to brag about it when he does.  I am a lucky woman.

Ok, i have to go home and start getting stuff together to head to my mom’s.  Still haven’t 100% decided that i am going home tonight!  I want to, but i also would like to sleep in my bed.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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