I have friends!!!!!!

November 21, 2006 at 12:11 pm (Uncategorized)

I don’t know if you realize quite how exciting that is for me.  I didn’t have friends when i lived in my last place.  Last night, 2 of my friends and i went out for hot chocolate and girl talk after a youth event.  ooh, now i get to think of fun nicknames for them…

 The bride:  obviously, she is getting married in about a month.  we became fast friends and have a ton in common.  She is the one who makes my hair look fabulous. 

 GI Jane:  yeah, i am going to call her this just because she is a military chick, but she is pretty much not like GI Jane.

so, at hot chocolate, we talked about the upcoming wedding and marriage of the bride, the new man in the life of GI Jane, and then my issues at church came up.  They were both so good and encouraging.  I was nervous about talking to them about it.  Ok, well, not so much the bride, but with GI Jane.  she is really close to one of my co workers who is giving me a hard time.  but she was really supportive too.  and i know i can trust her to keep it to herself.

It is exciting to have friends. I have been working really long hours the last couple of weeks, so i am looking forward to having an evening at home tonight.  i will proabbly clean some, and watch some tv.  its going to be good.

I am getting a lot of Christmas shopping done too!  I have my brother, sister, my dad’s wife, my best friend from  HS all finished.  and i know what i want to get my mom.  Now i just have to figure out what to get my dad and the boyfriend…any ideas???

Hope you are having a great day!


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  1. Alicia said,

    I FOUND YOU!!! This site looks GREAT, Jenna!! And I’m so glad you have friends now…we all need a few now and again!!

    HUGS!! 🙂

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