Great is thy Faithfullness

November 20, 2006 at 12:29 pm (Ministry and Life)

So, this morning, for some reason i had the hymn, great is thy faithfullness in my head.  and i was wondering why, since it has been such a cruddy week.  then i got a phone call…

 a woman in my church has offered to pay the full cost for a specific student to go on the mission trip this summer.  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!  this isn’t a student who is very active, but she really wants him to be able to go.  I seriously just sat in my chair and praised God for a minute once i got off the phone.

Ministry is going great…any way i can get rid of the rest of the people i work with?  ok, kidding.  well, probably not really, but, you know what i mean.  I did have a great talk with a member of the church council, who knows everything, and he told me that he would stand up for me and speak up for me.  I really appreciated that.

overall the weekend was busy.  and today is busy, as I probably won’t get home til after 9 from church stuff, and then some friends and I are getting together after that.  whoa buddy.  I am so excited to sleep in on Friday…

It will be good to be home this weekend.  and i think i am bringing my cats with me.  I have been gone so much lately, and they are lonely.  at least it is only an hr and a half drive!



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