Ok God, what are you doing?

November 17, 2006 at 7:33 pm (Ministry and Life)

The above was the question I asked myself last night.  As you have probably read below, yesterday was not a good day and left me questioning my call to youth ministry.  But then i had yesterday afternoon/evening…and there was amazing ministry time.  For example

  • I took out a sophomore for coffee, and we had great conversation
  • I got back to my office and had 3 kids instant messaging me
  • I went to the High School Musical and had parents and kids approach me to talk to me.  I felt wanted and liked.  The kids that were in the show were so glad I was there.
  • I had another family (yep, that makes 2) who invited me for Thanksgiving, even though my family lives less than 2 hours away.  my family lived 7 hours away from where i lived before, and i never had that many invitations.

So, i am confused, so if you could throw up a prayer for me that would be great.  I am fortunate to have great friends, one of whom I am going to try to get together with this afternoon to chat.

 I also have a great mom who has said if i need to, i can always come home.  thanks mom, you really are the greatest.  and i have a great boyfriend who is supporting me too.  and a great mentor who is talking me through it all.

 I am glad to have this new blog.  I am glad I am healthy.  I am glad i am surrounded by people who love me.

 Ok, my time is up at the library computer.  I better head out.  st


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